IT Security Workshop: Understanding digital security and strategies to protect your business

Upon request, Topel Forman Information Services offers a staff training workshop aimed at educating your employees as to today’s threats and how to help mitigate these risks in the workplace. This training workshop can be held onsite your office with any number of staff and generally lasts three hours. Rates vary depending on number of participants and potential customization of the workshop.

For more information, please contact us to discuss how Topel Forman Information Services may be able to increase employee awareness and overall security.

Workshop Overview

Understanding the hacker landscape as well as the tools and methods they use will help to develop a pro-active game plan that is essential to keep you and your company safe.  The Hacker’s goal is to gain access, disrupt, control and or extract your company’s data.  It is critically important to understand what actions you and your staff can take to mitigate this risk.

The users in your company are the prime attack target and they won’t even know it.

Being informed is the best defense for a growing offensive threat.

Why you need to know how the Internet works

Understanding the internet in a simply expressed manner will open the complexities of the Internet and the fact that it really is amazing that any of it works at all.  At the same time one can begin to see why it is inherently vulnerable.

Why computers are attacked

There are a variety of reasons your computer and the computers in your company are targeted.  The reasons range from virus infections that hampers a computers performance to ransomware to full company data exfiltration

How computers are targeted

How do hackers do what they do, what is their process and how do they exploit you and your company?

How YOU are identified and compromised

How Hackers identify you, why would they identify you and how do they make use of that information.  How Hackers, via social engineering craft Phishing and Vishing attacks.

What actions you must take to minimize these risks.

From proper backup to improving your defenses and increasing your awareness to a very deep level, action steps are presented and cautionary tales are presented.

This workshop presents, in clear terms, the state of computer risks, greatly increases the awareness of staff as to safe computer practices and mitigates risks to your company falling victim to ransomware, malicious software and the exfiltration of company information to 3rd parties.

Most importantly the workshop educates your staff on the fundamentals so they know what to be on the lookout for as the hacking community continues to develop and mature.

Hackers are only going to get more effective, your best defense is an educated staff.

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For more information, please contact us to discuss how Topel Forman Information Services can host this workshop for your office.