A time sensitive relocation of a leading fund management group in Chicago without any disruption of business operations.

The Challenge

A leading fund management group in Chicago had planned to relocate to a new office building in the loop. Several aspects of their business processes, systems architecture, and communication infrastructure would need to run congruently from both locations in order for business to operate without disruption.

The project would involve several layers of communication, design, planning and execution. All deadlines would need to met or delivered early at each juncture for this project to succeed.

What we did

A high degree of coordination, collaboration and leadership allowed us to deliver a solution that was ahead of schedule on an already tight schedule.

Called a meeting with every team involved in the office construction and building design teams and met weekly for 4 months until the move and office construction was completed.
Identified system‑specific services that would require 100% availability for the weeks around the relocation.
Contacted all ISP, hardware, and software vendor contacts to transfer location specific details and order services necessary for business continuity. This included redundant data and voice services, redundant Bloomberg services and communications, and several FIX connections.
Worked with building and communication engineers, and architects and design professionals to build and implement a data center with the environmental and high‑availability that this client required for roughly 60 physical servers.
Spent several hours plotting workstation and office technology placement for data and power requirements for numerous unique needs.
Added new layers of redundancy and high‑availability that were not available in their previous location.

The Results

Project was a complete success.

All deadlines by all vendors and contracted office construction teams were met on or before the expected date.

All services were up and running congruently 21 days prior to the cut-over date, weeks ahead of schedule.

Power, cooling, and physical security expectations were exceeded with the implementation of the latest and most appropriate technology

All systems were operational for the Asian market open Sunday evening.

All “Beginning of Day” processes worked perfectly on Monday morning at 7:00 am after relocation.

All user desktop experiences were in place with perfect execution.

Based on our long-standing relationship with this client and 100% effectiveness on projects like this, they continue to choose us to handle every aspect of their IT management and support.