Flexibility and customized solutions help a larger orthopedic surgical group migrate from paper to electronic records.

The Challenge

A large orthopedic surgical group wished to migrate from paper medical records to an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system to attest for the Medicare & Medicaid EHR Incentive program. They had low confidence that their existing IT provider could accommodate for the growth necessary to meet the attestation requirements.

We competed with several other larger technology firms for the opportunity to take on the project. It was our flexibility and willingness to offer solutions customized to their unique needs that won us the client’s business. Upon surveying their environment, it became apparent to us that their existing systems were sorely neglected. Poor security practices were abundant, many computers were infected with malware, and their phone system had been hacked and was being used by an outside attacker to make long-distance calls.

What we did

By being flexible and nimble we were able to present multiple, custom solutions for the primary ask of migrating paper medical records. This gave the client confidence in choosing the solution that fit them best.

Brought focused & consistent attention to their systems to identify security issues.
Performed cleanup & organization where appropriate; replaced equipment where necessary.
Brought in a new phone vendor to replace their phone system with a more secure, modern, and value‑oriented one.
Interviewed key staff and met with ownership to identify business needs.
Provisioned and acquired servers and networking hardware necessary for implementing EHR system (no EHR vendor would offer an end‑to‑end solution, thus it became our responsibility to manage the EHR infrastructure).
Identified and acquired appropriate scanner hardware for digitization of old paper medical records.

The Results

Greatly improved security of critical systems.

Greatly improved staff productivity.

The high level of ownership we bring to their critical systems and business needs, combined with a near-immediate response for any support requests, has kept the relationship strong for 6+ years.

Growth allowed the client to open a second location; we had the capacity to build out their IT infrastructure at the new office from the ground up.

Growth allowed the client to add another doctor to the practice.